To warm or not to warm?

Posted on September 7, 2011


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got about 27.9 minutes of free time to devote to a workout each day.  It’s so hard finding time to get these glutes in action that my first instinct is to skip the warm up stretch.  Turns out that this isn’t one of my best ideas.  Even if my body says, “Bring it,” my muscles are in power saving mode, according to Women’s Health.  If I don’t take a few minutes to stretch, I’m likely to lag even though my brain is like a racehorse nipping at the gate.

By far, the best stretches are dynamic…and I don’t mean dynamic like that well-spoken girl in the office who’s trying to hook you into her multi- level- marketing business selling vitamins.  “Dynamic stretching increases flexibility, improves blood flow, and decreases your risk of injury and your recovery time. Translation: Your workout will feel easier, and you’ll see faster results.”

Check out this link for some great ideas on dynamic stretching and get your mind and body on the same track before you gangbusters on your workout.

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