It’s not on the menu, but…

Posted on March 13, 2012


A while ago JM (Jesse Medeiros, the trainer) discovered the benefits of being a ‘gold’ card member at Starbucks. To his credit, he’s not one to addict to the super fruity or sweet syrupy drinks they offer. It’s usually a coffee (straight up) or sometimes a green tea. But if you happen to have a gold card at Starbucks, you know that they start sending you all kinds of coupons in the mail for free food, free drinks, discounts on merchandise, ect.

Last week JM came home and told me he ordered a $7 drink (which, I didn’t even know was possible.) It turns out that it’s not on the menu, but…it can be done if you know the right people (if you’re in the 78734–ask for Santiago–he’s the young tattooed 30-something from the OC.  Can you say VENTI (uhhh…rule #1 of fitness…do not EVER order VENTI anything) Venti banana chocolate smoothie with 3 shots of espresso, ADD WHIP.  We do not, under any circumstances Jesse Medeiros, add whip! Jeez!


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